KMB Forensic is a consultation service for police, medical personnel, attorneys, educational institutions, and the general public in the areas of serology and DNA testing.

KMB Forensic is based in northwest Ohio, very near the Indiana state line and was founded by Karen M. Bruewer. She has more than 20 years experience, including 14 years on the bench as a forensic serologist. She has testified over 70 times in the circuit and superior courts in Indiana.

Karen has written training curriculum for the University of Tennessee’s Law Enforcement Innovation Center and provided training to police agencies across the country. She has consulted on successful post-conviction defense efforts and presented internationally recognized reviews of her cases.

She is a lecturer at St. Francis University and Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne, where she teaches forensic science, evidence collection and expert testimony. She has also taught at Concordia University and the University of Tennessee’s National Forensic Academy.

Her experience also  includes:

Indiana State Police Crime Laboratory, Fort Wayne, IN

Forensic Serologist:  Blood and body fluid examination of evidence in criminal cases, including DNA extraction and quantification.

University of New Haven Forensic Science Department, West Haven, CT

Principal Research Associate:  Research for the grant from the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C., No. 87-IJ-CX-0041:  Identification of Human Remains:  Development of Reliable Methods for the Grouping of ABH and Gm/Km Antigens in Human Bone and Analysis of DNA from Human Bone Tissue.

University of New Haven Forensic Science Department, West Haven, CT

Research Assistant:  Established isoelectric focusing procedures for use in the forensic science laboratory.

Maine State Police Crime Laboratory, Augusta, ME

Intern:  Serology, Fingerprint, and Firearms Sections.



M.S. FORENSIC SCIENCE, Criminalistics Concentration



B.S. CHEMISTRY, American Chemical Society Certified Graduate



American Chemical Society Certified Graduate of WPI

Diplomate of the American Board of Criminalistics

Primary Instructor – Specialist of the State of Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board

A full CV is available upon request.


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